The thought of attending an interview for some people, brings to play a whole new range of emotions, which are commonly related to fear. So to change that let’s start with the definition of interview.
Interview: any face-to-face meeting, especially of an official nature. Sounds pretty basic, right? An interview will either get you the job of your dreams or end at "...thanks for coming, we will get back to you...” This underscores how important interviews are and thus, are a whole lot more serious than the definition above. Just so we are clear, while your CV’s aim is to get you an interview, the aim for an interview is to help your interviewer and/or prospective employers see reasons why you should be. It’s usually a case of “We have reviewed your CV. Your accomplishments are impressive. We want to meet this awesome personality”.
So then what do you do? How do you keep their opinion about you on a high? How do you leave them thinking…”we have to hire her!” or “He has to be on our team?” Today we will discuss a few tips on what to do and what not to do in THAT interview. Let’s go!

1. Be Formal

We are not just referring to the dressing. Your language should be formal, use the correct title for the individual, Mr, Mrs or Miss where applicable. You should also avoid slurs and slangs. This drives across the idea that you are a professional.

2. Devices

With Google, you have access to needed key information on the World Wide Web about your prospective employer. Know the story, core values and necessary historic footprints of the company. Speak from this informed position during the interview and when asking questions. Also having a proper understanding of the job description would help you keep germane past achievements and experiences at the forefront. Doing this demonstrates readiness, relevance and fitness for the job opening.

3. Be Confident

We can't overstate this point enough. Remember an interview is you defending all that's written on your CV. So don't give them reason to doubt. Enter the room with a smile and give a firm handshake when you are offered one. Sit where and when you are told to sit and answer the questions as accurately as you can. You got this!

4. Be Polite

In an interview setting, feel free to warmly greet the individuals you encounter. Now some interviewers tend to want to know how much you can cope under pressure and they are going to push you to your limits. So learn to answer your questions with grace while looking them in the eye without being threatening, and with a full steady voice. I know, that sounds like a lot but it shows how much you know what you know.

5. Posture and Comportment

So you are finally in the room. They tell you to sit, you do. The chair feels so comfortable, you just want to relax in the chair, and feel at home...wrong idea.
It's a formal setting remember. Sit up! Whip out a notepad if possible and write down observations that might be made. Be sharp. You are the right person for the job.
In all, dress well, come early, exude confidence, answer questions well, etc. and while all these are cool, we have just one parting word, "Be comfortable". Of course look dapper, yes look into their eyes while you are questioned, and wait for them to offer you a seat before you do, yes do all the things on the etiquette list but don't put pressure on yourself to remember it all. Do what you can remember. Interview etiquette is only a part of the equation your accomplishments brought you into the room and will keep you there as long as you can defend all that's on your CV.

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