Becoming the Perfect Employee: 3 Workplace Rules for Everyone

Getting a job especially without a great CV is difficult. When you do get the job however, how do you keep it and enjoy the best work experience? This article describes three important rules which would make you a trend-setter in your workplace.
Shall we?

1. Excellence:

Sounds pretty vague, right? Like when does job done qualify to be called excellent? Let's break it down. Excellence would mean you are punctual for your duties, excellence would also mean you are a dedicated worker with results to show for it.
Excellence here also highlights that you are independent enough to adapt to new challenges and carry out tasks you have been given. Whatever your work place scenario might be, as long as you can keep to the rules, you will be quickly known and recognized as an excellent person.

2. Attitude

A popular saying goes, “Attitude is everything..." To have the right attitude, your mindset has to be made right. And being optimistic, or having a "can be done" mentality is a step in the right direction. Also here your passion has to count. Get that one thing (or things...) that keeps you pumped, and invent ways to remind yourself of them at all times. And in doing all these, be creative about your output and do not fear to take risks.
The main objective of your organization isn't to have perfect employees but to make profit which is only possible when your attitude to work has a total facelift.

3. People

Yes. We know. We said it. People! The first two rules dealt with things we had to either do externally or internally which you, and you alone are mostly in control of. Irrespective of circumstances in the workplace, we determine to act in excellence and decide how things turn out with respect to our attitude.
Rule 3 is a pointer to the fact that no man is an Island. The best way to fulfill this rule is, ’Be nice and communicate nicely as well’. Never forget, your colleagues can be as good as family if you treat them right.

So those are our rules for becoming the model employee. EAP (Excellence, Attitude & People). Yes it's plenty of work but castles are not built in a day. They take time, energy and sweat to put up an edifice that lasts centuries.
Invest in yourself and soon enough, everyone is honor bound to notice.

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