Getting an invitation to a job interview usually comes along with a burst of excitement. You have succeeded in the early stage of a job recruitment routine and you deserve to be excited. An interview is always a defining moment. It is quite up to you to make the best of it. Confidence is key to making the best impressions during an interview dialogue. Your attitude and composure could seal or kill the deal. Here are tips to help you get prepared to ace that interview.

1. Have ready answers to tough and common interview questions

Find out the most commonly asked interview questions, and have quick and smart responses handy. It is common in interviews to be required to deliver a presentation or deliver a lecturette along economic, political or social dimensions. Be socially and economically savvy. You must keep in touch with the times.

2. Go with information from personal research about the company and the role

With Google, you have access to needed key information on the World Wide Web about your prospective employer. Know the story, core values and necessary historic footprints of the company. Speak from this informed position during the interview and when asking questions. Also having a proper understanding of the job description would help you keep germane past achievements and experiences at the forefront. Doing this demonstrates readiness, relevance and fitness for the job opening.

3. Go with your stories

The STAR technique is one tool that always works when required to tell of previous occasions during which you accomplished excellence, faced challenges or handled conflict. The STAR technique is an acronym for Situation—which speaks to the background of the occasion; Task—which speaks to the challenge and the options you had; Action—what you did exactly; and Result—the outcome of your choices. Be able to tell the narratives that reference your key successes and accomplishments. Put forward noteworthy stories that best align with the values of the prospective employer and the role you are being interviewed for. These stories could come from secondary school, university, youth service, previous work experiences or volunteering records.

4. Prepare to ask relevant questions from the interviewer

When doing research about the firm scheduled to interview you, seek enlightenment about the industry where the firm plays. You should examine the industry players; find out what challenges the industry faces, and which challenges are peculiar to the firm you are interviewing with. From this mix, you can ask insightful questions. Employers like to see and hire persons that demonstrate a keen understanding of the space in which the business plays. You should also think critically to gain an idea of possible solutions to the questions you ask to avert being thrown off balance if your question gets thrown back at you.

5. Exude an ownership mentality

Speak as though you currently have a stake in the firm. Dress professionally as you would if you had already joined the firm. If you wish, you could match your ties, brooches, shirts or camisoles, with one of the shades of the company’s main colours. When asking questions about the company, rather than use the term ‘you’, make a better impression using either the company’s name. Case in point, if you’re being interviewed by Facebook and you want to ask how they’re responding to newer rival products like Snapchat, other than ask ‘’How are you responding to the market penetration of Snapchat?” you should ask, “How is Facebook responding to the market penetration of Snapchat?”

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