Five Things Potential Employers Always Look For In Your CV

Irrespective of industry and country, there are certain things that all employers do have in mind when they go through a CV. The only way to avoid ‘stories that touch’ is to have an awareness of key thingsmost employers naturally check for. Here are five of them:


A great CV has text that must be clear enough to be read. Ensure that the CV text never requires a magnifying glass to be read. Let font size and styling be consistent for headers and for subsequent accompanying texts.Though colours are not a must for a CV, they help a CV stand out for good when used professionally. However, do not use very many bright or diverse colours when creating a CV. If confused on what works, get professional help or simply stick to the traditional black and white resume.


Your educational qualifications must be conspicuous. If you’re seeking entry level positions to mid level portfolios, then the year of graduation, discipline and class of degree must be visible.It is optional to include your CGPA especially if it is a value you are remarkably proud of. Added professional memberships give a great boost but must be relevant to your desired industry.


Employers are looking for achievers who would sustain the level of growth they desire their organisations to chart. The CV needs to embody and demonstrate a spirit of achievement in whatever form. Therefore, previously held leadership positions, work experience, and multicultural exposure all come in very handy in a CV. Previous work experience should come in with measurable or quantifiable accomplishments where possible.


Putting CVs in a pack, any rational prospective employer is drawn towards individuals that possess the technical skills relevant to their industry. Carry out the due diligence to ensure you are not just aware, but actively developing the technical or soft skills that your dream employers might need. Skilled trainings would make the CV toast.


Potential employers quickly want to establish connection with you as soon as they are attracted through your CV, to the value you propose. Therefore, there must be no mistakes in putting out clearly detectable contact information which primarily includes a professionally structuredemail address, as well as a physical location. It is savvy to put up email address information as a hyperlink so as to make the contact efforts less daunting for HR personnel, as it should only take a click of the computer mouse to be reached. For physical address, if you have options, choose an address closer to potential employers in view of the notion that employers with a pool of good talent might prefer to employ persons that live closest to them. Notwithstanding, it is not the end of the world if you don’t live close to your employer, as many employees especially in cities like Lagos, live very far from work.

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